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Wellness with Support and Community

Depending on where you are at in your wellness the level and type of support you need may be different than mine. Some circumstances were beyond my control which created many terrible events. I am only focusing on what I can control. I have expanded my support network through support groups, men's support groups, and people I know from my volunteer work. I belong to a mental health community online

This community was created by Dr. Tracey Marks. There are many resources, workshops,Q&A, Journaling groups, and more .

Brene Brown has done a lifelong study of research on the topic of shame. Shame has frozen me or stopped me in my tracks from the progress that I was making. I have truly been strangled at times from shame. What I have learned from reading her books and others is that my ability to succeed in my journey of wellness is very much tied to my resilience. The missing piece in my search for community and support has been spirituality. I have tried Tia Chi, going back to church (only staying for the sermon at the moment). Going outside and walking in the park or greenway. This is still a work in progress for me.

Dr. Tracey Marks talks about form support called "holding space". This is a tool that can also enhance my resiliency. I will integrate this into my wellness plan

Some of the resources are free some resources are not. What may be helpful to me may not be as helpful to you. I am sharing these resources because Dr. Marks has been a source of information, education, and support.

See below for more information

Don't forget tonight's online meeting where "holding space" takes place

Tonight Wednesday, May,1 2024 at 7 PM EDT

Join Zoom Meeting

Passcode: 080763

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